Ultrafast fiber laser specifications has been updated

EKSPLA updated ultrafast fiber laser specifications. Now LightWire FF3000 offers up to 4 W output power. This and other...


EKSPLA will be participating in one more ELI project - to build 4 TW laser system

A Lithuanian consortium won one of the laser public procurement tenders of the ELI-ALPS facility in Szeged, Hungary. It...


EKSPLA building got a new number

Due to some infrastructure developments of surrounding territory, EKSPLA building got a new number. Since today, EKSPLA...

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National Energetics and EKSPLA awarded contract to build 10 Petawatt laser system

A Consortium led by National Energetics, Inc., in partnership with Ekspla UAB, has been awarded a contract valued in...

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Atlantic series picosecond laser specifications has been updated

EKSPLA updated it's industrial picosecond DPSS laser flagmanship - Atlantic specifications. Featuring 60 W output power,...

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Ultrafast fiber laser line has been updated

EKSPLA updated it's LightWire series ultrafast laser's line. The new LightWire series ultrafast fiber lasers feature...

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New industrial 50 W picosecond laser for demanding applications

  EKSPLA announced a new high power industrial DPSS picosecond laser. Atlantic series laser offers 50 W at 1064...

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New line of DPSS nanosecond Q-switched lasers offer extended maintenance-free period

                    EKSPLA has announced a new line of DPSS...

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NT340 series tunable laser specifications has been updated

                  EKSPLA updated specifications of the NT340 series...

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EKSPLA awarded as Business IQ of the Year

On 20 September during the Swedish Business Awards ceremony, EKSPLA was named the Business IQ of the Year. President...