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Atlantic HE series high energy picosecond DPSS laser

Atlantic HE series picosecond diode pumped laser offers up to 1 mJ  pulse energy at 1064 nm. It features short  <60 ps pulse duration, 4 kHz repetition rate,  532 nm and 355 nm harmonics options and excellent beam quality (M² < 1.3). Stable output parameters and rugged cost-effective design establish Atlantic HE series lasers as an ideal choice for micromachining applications.


  • up to 1 mJ pulse energy
  • 4 kHz repetition rate
  • Short pulse duration, < 60 ps
  • High stability and excellent beam quality M2<1.3
  • Reliable hands-free operation
  • Compact, sealed and rugged design
  • PC control and remote control keypad
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Single-phase power input
  • No external cooling water


  • Drilling
  • Cutting
  • Paterning
  • Structuring
  • Ablation
  • Micromachining
  • Your applications welcome...

Atlantic HE series diode-pumped picosecond lasers offer up to 1 mJ pulse energy at 1064 nm. The series feature short (<60 ps) pulse durations, a 4 kHz repetition rate and excellent beam quality. Harmonics options include 532 nm and 355 nm output wavelengths. To ensure stable and robust operation, all optical components are integrated with a robust, monolithic aluminum block.
The stable output parameters and rugged design establish the Atlantic HE series laser as an excellent choice for micromachining applications. The high pulse energy output is capable of drilling thick samples, processing large surfaces from a single shot with specific beam profiles and generating “shark skin” effects or even nanoscale ripples. High energy pulses also provide flexibility to adopt different processes and study them in application laboratories.


Model Atlantic HE 1064 Atlantic HE 532 Atlantic HE 355
Wavelength 1064 nm 532 nm 355 nm
Repetition rate 4 kHz
Average output power >4 W >1.8 W >1.2 W
Pulse energy >1 mJ >0.45 mJ >0.3 mJ
Pulse energy contrast >150:1 >1000:1
Pulse duration <60 ps
Polarisation linear, vertical 100:1 linear, horizontal 100:1
M2 <1.3
Spatial mode TEM 00
Beam divergence <2.5 mRad <3 mRad
Beam diameter ~1.1 mm ~1.2 mm ~1.5 mm
Timing jitter in respect to external triggering <25 ns
Pulse energy stability <1 % <2 %
Beam pointing stability <100 µRad


Laser head size (W x H x L) 316 x 230 x 1092 mm
Power supply unit (W x H x L) 555 x 530 x 500 mm
Umbilical length 2.5 m
Beam height 170 mm


Operation ambient temperature 18-27 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing) 10-80 %
Voltage 100-240 VAC, single phase, 47-63 Hz
Power consumption <1.5 kW

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice

Drilling holes with a defined shape in metals is crucial for various industrial applications, and fuel injection nozzles are a prime example. Green picosecond lasers (532 nm) have been proven to drill high quality fuel injector microholes that do not require post-drilling cleanup process. The Atlantic HE 532 has been used to successfully drill clean holes in 1.2 mm thick chromium‑molybdenum steel, SCM420, using 1.8 W at a 4 kHz repetition rate. The beam was focused by a 50 mm lens to fluences as high as 25 J/cm2 on the target surface while the workpiece was rotated at 1320 rpm for circular hole processing. The 20‑60 second drill time was short enough to process a through hole with a high aspect ratio and small taper.
SEM typical pictures of hole drilled by the Atlantic HE 532 laser in SCM420 steel of the 1.2 mm thickness. Laser power 1.8 W @ 532 nm wavelength, drilling time – 40 s.

Outlet (click on the picture to increase picture size)

Inlet (click on the picture to increase picture size)

Cross-section (click on the picture to increase picture size)